Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Slide, glide.....Love these doors

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Where can I use doors like these?  Our pantry?  We need to finish our basemess basement.  I've been trying for years to motivate the boys in this house to start the construction process, however, with motorcycles and ATVs to store, no one is as interested as I am!  More space to decorate!  A girl can here are some of my favorite pics of the sliding doors....

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Love the contrast against the white walls

barn doors to cover it

Hide the TV....Yes I want to HIDE THE every house!


Gorgeous doors! 
A bit more formal door style, used informally and I love the patina.


Love the idea of using for a screen door.

Pinterest junkies may recognize a few of these pictures, I have a board titled "Barnwood Luv" which features several of these pics.  Check out all my boards, by following me on Pinterest.

Any ideas where I can use these doors?  Love them....looking for the next client who loves them too!

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  1. Barn doors to cover the television... great idea!
    Cathy, I'm so glad you decided to start writing a blog.
    It looks great!

    It was a pleasure meeting you in Atlanta.
    Wishing you much success and happiness :)


  2. Those are some great the one that is hiding the TV!!!