Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fear is a weird thing....

I have been wanting to begin a blog, for a really long time. Several friends have suggested it, and I have talked myself into and out of blogging for about a year. Well, I believe "fear" was standing in my way! I was afraid that no one would read my blog, or worse....someone might!

Well.... recently, I attended a seminar at the Furniture and Gift Market at Americasmart in Atlanta, (my hometown) held by the wonderful Brooke and Steve Giannetti. The talented couple behind the fabulous blog, Velvet and Linen, and authors of "Patina Style". Their discussion revolved around "their story" and how their lives have grown and changed over the past several years. Brooke said, "start a blog, write your story" and I was inspired to begin..... The Giannetti's were entertaining and offered great advice!

Steve's photography lesson will come in handy.....if I ever figure out how to use a great camera.....bear with me. His advice: No flash, zoom in, and take your pictures straight on, no angles. Here are few of the great photos straight from Velvet and Linen, and the wonderful book, "Patina Style".
Brooke was gracious enough to pose with me! (need to edit the red eye!)

Available through Velvet and Linen

Image of Patina Style BookImage of Patina Style Book

Do yourself a big favor and buy this lovely book. There are layers of rich textured photos sure to motivate you! I am inspired by each photo and vignette featured. I need to visit more antique markets! Ha...I would need a larger house! I am still scared someone may read this, or not....but my story begins now.............I am fortunate to have an autographed copy of "Patina Style", Steve signed simply, "live beautifully".....and I will ......come along on the journey!

Also, I found the perfect spot to display my copy of Patina Style! I love my turquoise foo dogs....garage sale $ of the year!

A few plans for future posts, before and after pics of a recent installation, that I hope you all will LOVE. I will also share some pics of our house, and share "the DEAL of the week"! I cannot buy every wonderful thing I see....therefore, I am going to share my finds with you every Friday.

Be Wonderful today!

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  1. I've come from Pinterest in search of the source for the screened barn door. I'll check your board to see if it refers back to the original posting of the picture.

    I've read your entire blog and have enjoyed the words, the photos, and the wonderful advice and info. You are good at blogging, you keep things interesting. You should continue, in my humble opinion.