Monday, June 18, 2012

WWF DIY asked for it, you got it!

The WWF Tray....

I enjoy playing Words with Friends (most of the time)! Last year when my friend Nancy moved to LA, we kept in contact almost daily through the wonderful world of  WWF on our phones and iPads.  Last Christmas I made a 'Words with Friends' tray for my dear Nancy.  It was a hit with several people, so I made one for my sister on her birthday and took a few photos for details. 

Begin by laying out your tiles on the tray.  I should have cut out a piece of cardboard to fit the tray! Learn from my mistake,  I had to disassemble and reassemble!  In this case I also had to remove the brass circle from the center of the tray to level the surface. 

Measure your layout to find the center point. Layout tiles centered on the tray before gluing in place.

I applied a small amount of mastic, a tile adhesive, to the back of each tile.  I am sure there are other adhesive products you could use, but I had this on hand. ALLOW TO DRY.  I placed the stones before the tiles were dry and the stones pushed a few tiles out of balance.

I used pebbles as a background filler.  This tray was made for my sister who lives on the lake and it looks great in her house!  You need to consider the height of the tiles and the edge of the tray when selecting your background filler. 

Use a level surface before pouring the glaze.  I used butcher paper to protect my countertop. (which I assumed was level!)  Parks Super Glaze is easy to work with 'if' you follow all directions.

You use equal parts of the epoxy and mix until clear.  I used one half of a solo cup of each, and mixed with a plastic spoon until clear.  Pour mixture over tray, filling the entire space as evenly as possible.  As the epoxy settles, air bubbles will rise to the surface.  I tapped the bubbles with a wooden skewer to pop them, or you can just blow on them!

Finished project:

Cindy loves her tray!  The words represent dogs, children, her real estate business, and don't even ask me to explain COSMOPSYCHO!

Go make a wonderful personalized gift!


BTW, the cute Owl family on my counter is for sale in my ETSY store itsWONDERFULlife, they are super cute!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Does this room make my lamp look BIG?

Most of my peeps know.. I lamps....I will never settle for a lamp that is 'almost' perfect!  The wait may drive some of my clients crazy...but I assure them it will be worth it in the end, when I find THE perfect lamp!

 I may have too many lamps in my own home, (not including those stored in my basemess  basement).  I have a vintage lamp with the huge metallic shade on the table in my foyer  (not to mention I found it "as is" at Goodwill for $24.00!!!).....anyway, bragging aside.....

I love the surprise element, embraced by some designers, of using BIG overscaled lamps....check them out and let me know what you think? 

I love the energy in this room!

Gimme Gray! Designer Steven Gambrel

I love the white ceramic with huge white shades! Fun girlie room.

Getting the idea?  Designer Steven Gambrel

Mercury Glass...what's not to love?

And   BAM....

Now that's a big lamp....

My foyer favorite....

Not the best pic, see Rance's guitar eqipment? and the lamp shade is turned backwards!! Welcome to my it!

Have a wonderful day!  It's gorgeous outside, but you need a gas mask to breathe...pollen count over 9000!

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Before and ***THE AFTER***


dum de dum dum da.......

The room is lovely and full of light, however, the original layout was dark and tradtional.  Believe me this family is not dark or traditional!  They are a fun loving bunch!


TA DA.............

New taupe linen drapery panels on iron rods, that were hung as high as possible to show off the high ceiling.  Using a graphic grey fabric with a 3.5" repeat for banding was ideal. Finding a trim banding that was wide enough to make a strong visual impact was a challenge and more expensive.

                  Found the corner shelf at the Pierce Martin warehouse sale, perfect for that spot!

The homeowner's father created all the turned wooden bowls, each one is an awesome work of art.

Scott Antiques sofa table

The bench was found at the Scott Antique Market, and it was recovered in a great geometric pattern from Fabricut, we used the reverse side of the fabric for lumbar pillows in the club chairs.  Additional finds from Scotts include the twisty vine lamp, and the great sofa table.  Ikat covered chairs were custom made locally to acheive the perfect scale. I love this Kravet fabric!  They are currently using it in the Atlanta showroom on a pair of chairs, they must have copied us! HA.

Item Image

I love the way this family room turned out!  I hope you agree.  This is an energetic, busy family with three beautiful girls and a hyperactive dog!  The husband even brought the girls out to ride motocycles in the mud dirt with us last winter, it was such fun!  Who said dirt is for the boys?!

Go out and have a wonderful day!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

HaPpY WeEkEnD!

A bit of spring fever yesterday had me out in the yard clipping forsythia! It is the first sign of spring! Have a great weekend! Off to see motocross races with the boys!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beam me up! Ceiling Beams...

I am searching for inspiration photos of ceiling beams.  I want my girl to use wonderful rustic beams in her kitchen to add architectural interest to the room.  My search for pics includes the following:

The Enchanted Home....amazing kitchen.....I like that the room does not feel heavy...

I believe this room was decorated by Barbara Westbrook....not positive...  Love these beams, and they are tied into the perimeter of the room, which you would have with post and beam construction.

I like the 'light' feeling of this room.

clean lines, not quite as rustic as I need.....

neutrals+exposed beams

I need help with sizing photos!  Remember I'm new to this blogging thing!  If you have any pics you can shoot over, please do.  I will share the before and after shots of the room when completed.  Thanks for following along...........

Monday, February 20, 2012

Beach dreaming and shopping ETSY....check these out!

I finished reading my newest edition of Coastal Living this morning, and I'm currently working on a beach project, which may explain why I want to buy all of these little lovelies!  Kenny Chesney playing in the background helps too!

This little boat makes me want to be at the beach.... anyone feeling the same way?

Where are You Going To - Driftwood Boat
shop GiftsandStars on ETSY

 ocean photography - beach photography  - Original Signed Numbered Fine Art Photography Print 5x7 (13x18cm)
Beach....blues?  yes!  I love this photography on ETSY shop: PhotographyDream

Driftwood side-table/stand - small decorative shabby-chic driftwood wine table/stand - aqua/green and gold detailed driftwood from Maui
Driftwood from Maui....a little piece of Hawaii!  shop: shopiashines

Driftwood Mirror, Icarus
WONDERFUL Mirror!   shop:  benforgeydotcom

driftwood boat with a sail from genuine goatskin parchment... size 20 x 24 cm
Another boat! from

Laguna Beach driftwood and shelll cross

Sweet rustic cross from Laguna DonnaShuller

Vintage Glass Fishing Float - 13 Inch Netted TAIWANESE Pie Seal MARKINGS , Nautical, Antique, Home Decor, Glass Ball, Ocean, Sea, Beach
This is awesome, weighs 11 lbs!  shop: lightinawormhole (isn't that a great name?)

Gigantic Vintage 1961 Yardmouth Harbour Canada Nautical Military Navy Wall Map/Chart
The colors in this map of Nova Scotia's waterways are awesome!  shop: RougeRetro

 Vintage Sign: Nautical, Boating, Coastal
 CUTE vintage sign and cheap too!  shop kimbuilt 

OK, grab some flip flops and sunscreen! I'm ready to go! This will be the sign to meet you at the door!

Welcome and I Do Mean You
shop: rainydaydreamco  (another cute name for an etsy shop...maybe the rain yesterday triggered this spring fever!)

Cannot wait for Summer!!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

P.S. Andrea Costa Website

To see more of this lovely artist visit her website...

Red Canoe 'sold'
The Waiting......I would love to see this at Lake Burton!

Visit her website and take in the view....Happy to the ball park!