Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beam me up! Ceiling Beams...

I am searching for inspiration photos of ceiling beams.  I want my girl to use wonderful rustic beams in her kitchen to add architectural interest to the room.  My search for pics includes the following:

The Enchanted Home....amazing kitchen.....I like that the room does not feel heavy...

I believe this room was decorated by Barbara Westbrook....not positive...  Love these beams, and they are tied into the perimeter of the room, which you would have with post and beam construction.

I like the 'light' feeling of this room.

clean lines, not quite as rustic as I need.....

neutrals+exposed beams

I need help with sizing photos!  Remember I'm new to this blogging thing!  If you have any pics you can shoot over, please do.  I will share the before and after shots of the room when completed.  Thanks for following along...........


  1. When you are working on your post and add a photo a bar comes up under it that says small, medium, large and extra large. Either click on extra large or large. Also you need to go into your blog template designer and go into adjust widths and enlarge the size of the blog so the blog roll is not over the pictures.

    1. thanks sooo much! :) and thanks for following...I'm working on a before and after job I recently completed. Cathy

  2. Those inspiration photos are making me wish for beams in my home!