Friday, February 10, 2012

ART! Scott Antique Market, an amazing source in Atlanta!

INSPIRED by Art! Scott Antique Market

David Siffert - Art of Oconee - Gouache - Fantastic Colors

I was so inspired by the artists I talked with at Scott's today.  I wanted to share a few names and photos.  I want to place a few of these gems in a home I am designing.  LOVE the gouache by David Siffert....well actually I love them all!  Enjoy...

I'm afraid my photography does not do these amazing paintings David via

David Siffert and Kendall Boggs share a great space at Scott's in the South Building, L5102...go by and say hello!  They are bringing amazing paintings each month.  Here are a few of Kendall's fresh and creative paintings....

This photo is not showing the wonderful colors...the grayish taupe background with the golden contrast....omg it is lovely....sorry Kendall...your work deserves a better photographer!  Contact Kendall and view more of her work at .
The cross is painted on burlap, the texture and contrast are amazing!

Please visit again!  I am going to post more this weekend on the wonderful art of Fred Cox and the always brilliant Andrea Costa!

Have a WoNdErFul weekend!


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  1. There are so many wonderful artist at Scott's and they all deserve to be featured don't they!!! So wish we could have met for coffee!!!!!